Why RoadVac is Better.

10 Reasons why the RoadVac is better than a wet / dry canister vacuum.
1. The RoadVac is more powerful. Wet/dry vacs must use a bypass motor for their suction to prevent moisture from damaging the motor, while a dry vacuum can use a flow-through design which creates a more powerful vacuum.
2. The RoadVac takes up less space. With a slim 100mm / 4 inch profile, the RoadVac can even be mounted inside a 2x4 stud wall. If you choose the hanging model, it still takes up very little space on your wall unlike the big, bulky trash can style vacs.
3. The RoadVac mounts on a wall and has a hose that stretches out to 12 meters / 40 feet, so you don’t have to roll the awkward wet/dry beast around and bang it into or scratch your interior fittings. And unlike those tube style blower/vacuums that exhaust out the back end and blow all the dust around, you don't have to roll or carry the RoadVac.
4. Better Filtration. The RoadVac uses a high quality HEPA type filter which prevents dust and allergens from being returned into the air. No more dust blowing into your face when you bend over to start up the wet/dry vac.
5. You don’t have to find a place to stow your vacuum.
6. Stylish, high-tech design. Unlike the wet/dry vacs or tube style vacs that haven’t changed their appearance in 50 years, the RoadVac is made of high quality polycarbonate and features a sleek new design.
7. We have a 6 Year Warranty. That means the RoadVac only costs 92p a week to own. That discount wet/dry vac might seem a bargain at first glance, but check what kind of warranty comes with it.
8. The RoadVac is faster and easier to use. Because it is integrated the RoadVac takes a lot less time to use. No more of that laborious task of digging out the buried wet/dry behemoth, finding the lost attachments, moving it to where you need to vacuum, finding a place to plug it in, etc.
9. Made in the USA to exacting standards. Every RoadVac is tested at the factory before leaving.
10. The RoadVac comes in 3 different colours to match your lifestyle. Black, Red, or Gray.
RoadVac Specifications
Compact - saves valuable garage space.
12m / 40’ Stretch hose - shrinks to just 1.2m / 8’ for storage but is long enough to reach the yard.
HEPA type filtration - won’t contaminate the air. Holds about 1 gallon of debris.
Aluminum one piece wand - adjustable to various heights-won’t rust
Easy to install.
More powerful than a wet/dry vacuum
Portable – use it many ways. In your motorhome, caravan, boat or cottage.
Designed for motorhomes and caravans.
Quality construction – fire resistant polycarbonate/ABS.
Strong suction -100 CFM, 100" of water lift, 5.5 amp motor
6 Year Warranty
Made in USA
The ultimate motorhome / caravan vacuum, RoadVac is more compact and powerful than other vacuum cleaner systems. The retractable 12m / 40' vacuum hose allows easy access to vacuum your motorhome / caravan. The vacuum can be located in a central location hanging on the wall or flush mounted, on it's side or vertically. Made in America with quality you can trust. No other motorhome / caravan vacuum has our 6 year warranty, because the other vacuums don't have our quality!

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